Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the verge of being a pandemic. Prepare now.

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The China novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to grow and spread. Despite the WHO not labeling it as a pandemic, it’s on the verge of potentially spiraling out of control. Are you and your family ready?

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Why the next pandemic will be fatal:

The article referenced in the video:

CDC’s recommendations of things to have ready:

Personal needs checklist:
General checklists:
Links about how to stay connected and informed as well as brief emergency action plan recommendations after those links:
Behavioral measures and various informative things during flu outbreaks:

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Written by Jared Masters


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  1. Price gouging in stores watch your receipts people !!! Dollar Store went to buy Kleenex is only supposed to be a dollar jumped $0.55 but that's not what was on the Shelf so she had to give it to me at that price.

  2. My dad's health coordinator called yesterday. She said that he should go in to see the dentist, doctor and to pick up necessary supplies for him at the pharmacy. She never calls to recommend that. I wonder if that has something to do with the Coronavirus.

  3. You’re talking about the PFS (pay from scan) system. Items are auto ordered when sold. This is true with most retailers today but it is not replenished the next day. It usually takes a week to get the item delivered to the store so it’s worse than you think.

  4. People keep saying prepare but aren't giving much help as to priority of what to prepare for given we know the potential SHTF situation: pandemic and economic collapse. How do people prepare?

  5. My question is. What's the best thing to do. Hunker down in your house( I live 10mins away from a major city) or head to a less populated area… Is it smart to just barricade yourself? Or travel to New grounds less sever. I live in the PNW thoughts?

  6. You should look into Yummy Mummy Emporium’s channel. She’s addressed the virus and has very useful information. It’s not only the virus but 5g, pollution, and weakened immuned systems by vaccine come all into play

  7. City prepping; country prepping, whatever kind of prepping you do will not be enough…. people today can't live as humans lived in the 1600's….they won't be able to handle the work it takes….or the knowledge needed to survive….those who want to live through the wrath of God; must, go through me…it will be a very hard trip; it, will test your human ability to the breaking point if you are a weak minded person. Dangers will be all around and you could be hurt or even killed. However if you make it to the end and the wrath of God; you, will live a 1000 years on earth with Emanuel and the second death will have no power over you…this is the only thing to prep for. Or you can just expect the fact the once they cut your head off, the second death will have no power over you as well. But the weak minded and unbelieving people will fall to the lies of government and the evil one….the wrath of God cometh and this world is about to get real missed up….may God be with us all…..

  8. Here we go again!! The World Health Organization (WHO) is best known for corruption, graft, outright theft of funds; YOUR funds The head of the WHO is a former dictator (is there ever really a "former" dictator?) who enjoys first class travel and accommodation. again, thanks to your generosity. Or stupidity. You choose.
    I am not suggesting that we shouldn't be prudent in our interactions with others but, normal hygiene will be better than any advice from the media or the WHO. This "crisis" is yet another one manufactured, fostered and fed by the media. Every newscast or newspaper is headlined by the deadly Coronavirus.
    Remember that, a few years ago, we were all gonna die!! Die, Die Die of SARS, Legionaires Disease and just two or three years ago Ebola was going to kill us all. All!! Gimme a freakin' break. Tens of thousands die every year of the common flu and millions die worldwide from that same little bug. My wife is a highly respected health care worker. When she panics, so will I. Until then I'm going to enjoy my life. In fact, we are going on a cruise on April 5. I expect to survive. Grow the heck up

  9. The market is going to crash, I am in Australia, feared this sort of thing happening some 10 years ago, I sold up our townhouse in the city of Melbourne, paid off my bank debt and bought outright in the country on 5 acres , no debt, tank water, no neighbors, solar panels, generators, gas bottle reserves, petrol 12 – 20 ltr jerry cans full, medical supplies, bulk food storage for 6 months, battery banks, 240 volt inverters, chickens, sheep, Some said I was mad, who starting to laugh now, even my partner is getting on board since the Covid 19 started getting bad.

  10. Wuhan whistle-blower doctors warn of deadlier Covid-19 reinfection
    Obbana Rajah
    Doctors in China have warned that the Covid-19 could be even deadlier for patients who catch it again.
    According to a report in the New York Post last week, the whistle-blower physicians in Wuhan have found that medically cleared patients have been getting reinfected.
    “It’s highly possible to get infected a second time,” said one of the doctors, who declined to be identified.
    The doctor added that the virus has “outsmarted all of us”, as he claims that its symptoms do not show for up to 24 days — which contradicts medical information today that the incubation period is two weeks.
    He claimed that patients’ test results often come up as false negatives before they are actually diagnosed with the illness.
    “It can fool the test kit — there were cases that they found, the CT scan shows both lungs are fully infected but the test came back negative four times,” the whistle-blower said. “The fifth test came back positive.”
    The article also reported that some medication used to treat the virus can have negative side-effects on heart tissue, making patients more susceptible to cardiac arrest.
    “A few people recovered from the first time by their own immune system, but the meds they use are damaging their heart tissue, and when they get it the second time, the antibody doesn’t help but makes it worse, and they die a sudden death from heart failure,” he added.

  11. Also reheat at high temperature everything prepared by others including empty into a different bowl, washing hands before eating and sterilize all eating utensils.

  12. This is the new flavor of the week. Keep the sheep scared of something, anything, all the time. Bird flu, h1n1, swine flu, shark attacks, terro rism, etc, etc. Always a crisis. People should prep all the time, no matter what "emergency" is popular today.

  13. Research MMS it’s a cure for literally every pathogen! It’s calcium hypochlorite mixed with food grade citric acid start in small doses you will feel shitty as pathogens leave your body but it’s the truth I hope everyone does some research!

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